Monday, January 15, 2007

Jody Radzik Is NOT Your Friend!

We received a touching post of encouragement from a concerned reader who knew Jody Radzik in the days when Radzik was peddling the same old 'say YES to drug' line around clubs that he is today. The overall message is to stay away from Radzik as he is a friend to no-one.

We found the found quite revealing and are now following up some of the tips including Radzik's love of guns and employment by a company which funds guns and drugs and hosts Radzik's website!

With minor cuts here is that post.

For all those people who might feel that Jody is their friend I want you to know that JR is not your friend!

For as long as I have known Jody Radzik he has been a parasite. He even called himself a ''virus''. He feeds of the work of others, uses innocent people, destroys networks and breaks trust relationships.

Jody is driven by insecurity: he believes he must use and destroy others if he is to survive. This probably why he was forced out of the Sarlo Gururating group even if their agendas partially coincided. Your savvy readers would know about more about that than I; I am just glad that some of you clever people have figuring out Jody's latest 'Guruphiliac' scam and are out there warning the public.

I witnessed Jody Radzik do the similar bad things to the rave club scene. He is now 'persona non grata' as there is s strong suspicion that he setup innocent people with the local drugs mafia to cover his own corrupt activities.

A lot of people are hurting because of Jody.

I am not surprised that he lives alone in the Santa Fe desert now with his dog, gun and satellite link.

Do you know the company he is in are funding the drugs and guns industry? They also host his websites. What kind of il'legit company would do such a thing? Go figure. Things aren't what they seem in Jodysville.

My 2 cents.


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