Friday, May 05, 2006

Gene Slams Cowardly Fiends Radzik and Morgen

Gene Poole, former NonDualitySalon list moderator and Guru Ratings Forum writer has used hate bloggers Jody Radzik and Bruce Morgen of Guruphiliac as an example of how not to win friends and influence people.

Issuing a pre-emptive warning to ex- Sri Chinmoy devotee, Gary Falk, for provoking fights between list members, Poole speaks of the demise of Radzik who mistakenly believed that other list members would allow him to coldly lynch Rasa von Werder of The University Of Mother God Church.

Radzik had first posted his first shocking and unprovoked attack against Rasa, over one year ago, on May 2, 2005. Radzik, who claims to be embarrassed by his attacks on some teachers, including Isaac Shapiro, has since taken down the offending Guruphiliac webpage where he used the term "Porno Amma" thereby tarnishes the good name of Hindu saint Ammachi (Amritanandamayi, Mata), to whose breasts Radzik makes continual unwarranted references, and Rasa. Rasa has clearly stated that she has never done porno even though her ministry led her to be the “Stripper for God” many years ago. Rasa has in fact been celibate for 20 years.

The news from Rasa that Radzik started his hostilities over one year ago reveals Radzik to be a liar. On Radzik’s race to get out from Sarlo’s Guru Rating Forum when members turned on him, Radzik claimed minor involvement in harassing Rasa and suggested was that the war had started in December 2005 not the actual 7 months earlier in May 2005. However, we revealed in “Bully Radzik’s Begs Rasa For A Truce” that Radzik wrote many more Guruphiliac pages against Rasa than he admits.

Poole continues his cautionary tale by labelling Bruce Morgen as Radzik’s “fiend and mentor”.

Gene Poole’s most pointed revelation is that anti-guru fighters Jody Radzik and Bruce Morgen are actually cowards hiding out on their Guruphiliac list and refusing to allow anyone to discuss the “Rasa affair”. Oh, the shame of it all!

This is what Gene Poole wrote:
JodyR assumed that most GRaters were his 'natural allies' when he initiated his attacks upon Rasa, but the result has been anything but ideal for him.

Instead of acting as the successful leader of a lynch mob, JodyR found the noose
chasing his own neck. He now hides out in his own tightly moderated group, aided by his fiend and mentor BruceM, and will not allow any mention by anyone of his rash attacks upon Rasa.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have experienced, firsthand, moderation on jody's yahoo group, even when it was not concerning Rasa in any manner. Two posts by me on the use of tantra meditations were polite and coherent, yet mysteriously did not show up on the group. Hmm... I wonder why? Vested interests of some sort?

In any case, it is quite apparent from the overall level of discussion that goes on there, just how "enlightened" jody and Bruce and the rest of the clowns truly are!

10:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now Jody Radzik is helping the dysfunctional anti-Sai group cover up the fact that the anti-Sai poster boy who claimed sexual abuse had to dismiss his California lawsuit against the Sathya Sai Baba Society because not ONE of the witnesses he claimed could verify his story showed up to testify on his behalf. is totally mum on the story and is trying so hard to pretend their poster child is still "credible". I tried to post a response on Radzik's blog regarding a misleading comment Andries made about the poorly researched BBC documentary and Radzik wouldn't post it. Thus starts the cover up to protect the anti-Sais and their pack of lies regarding the Alaya Rahm case.

I also noticed Radzik has a link on his blog to the ReligionNews site which is run by wanted sex offender, Anton Hein. Hein absconded to the Netherlands but is wanted in California for failing to register as a sex offender and serve out his remaining probation.
You can see his info if you go to the California
sex offender registry and type in his name.

2:20 AM  

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