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Swami Chetanananda: Jody Radzik’s Secret Guru?

Jody Radzik’s secret guru is Bengali Swami Chetanananda of the Ramakrishna Math with connections to the Kali Mandir temple.

The hushed identity of Radzik’s guru was publicly announced by Joe Moreno’s on his recently updated webpage: Guruphiliac Jody Radzik: A Profile.

Radzik’s connection to guru Swami Chetanananda seems to contradict the virulent anti-Hindu guru-bashing position of his blog Guruphiliac.

We believe that there is no contradiction. In fact, it reveals that Radzik is a player in a game (a propaganda war) which is far more complex than casual observers could ever imagine –something which we have known for a long time.

The truth is Swami Chetanananda is not Radzik’s current guru. Swami Chetanananda did give Radzik a blessing - 17 years ago! Blessings are easy to come by - they are an integral part of Hindu culture, so Radzik isn't special.

Radzik’s involvement with Swami Chetanananda, Kali Mandir and the Ramakrishna Math terminated a long time ago - and not on good terms. Radzik did not accept the Ramakrishna Math and declares them “cultic”.

In stark contrast to a good devotee, Radzik actively promotes the deeply offensive suggestion that Hindu saint Ramakrishna was a pedophile! Radzik actually is the chief architect of a website promoting the scandalous heresy . With this information in your mind it now becomes easier to understand how Radzik could whimsically libel human rights victim Gregorian Bivolaru whom he knows so little about that he could not even get his name correct.

So why then does Radzik claim “I've been a Kali devotee for 20 years and am initiated in the Ramakrishna lineage” upon first meeting spiritual people as he did recently on Alx Uttermann’s Goddessence forum? Simply to make friends and influence people – dishonestly. And then once, Radzik aka “Saint Virus” gains their confidence he then cynically trashes them and libels their gurus on his Guruphiliac hate-blog!

Indeed, Radzik was caught in his Ramakrishna devotee lie by Mnemosyné, a senior member, who protested “Again, like I said yesterday, and others have stated as well, this sounds like you are some sort of Jungian psychologist babbling on and on ….You do not sound like a person who claims to be a 20 year or so RK [Ramakrishna] initiate.” Indeed! Radzik is psycho-babbling Hindu skeptic who failed his first (and only) attempt to study academic psychology.

Another senior Prabuddh member scolded Radzik for “stereotyping, name calling and general put downs” and “psychobabling the mental constructs of the devotees as if he actually knows what they are feeling, thinking, or what motivates them and as if one devotee is indistinguishable from the next.”

Fortunately, Radzik has not managed to fool everyone at including a poster called “Kali Das” who provided critical links about Radzik. (If only others could follow her wise example.)

Radzik is insecure about the future of his blog, Guruphiliac, claiming that traffic has increased since the criticism started. We seriously doubt that and challenge Radzik to provide proof. Sadly, Radzik interprets that because a few sociable people at Tribe.Net linked to his profile that he now has real friends! As a reality check we should note that Mnemosyné has about 20 times more people linking to his profile than Radzik does. This might seem like a small minded thing to report but Radzik’s mind actually is quite small – only he does not realize it and maybe he never will.

Radzik’s arrival at ostensibly happened by a chance following a Guruphiliac-critical post by Alx Uttermann on her Goddessence forum on Oddly, Alx quickly started to protect Radzik against critics. Amazing turnaround? Chance encounter? Possibly not. The arrival of Alx’s controversial guest could just as easily have been arranged in advance.

A casual glance of’s tribes reveals strong connections to the same scatological necrophiliac occult group The Temple of Psychic Youth (TOPY) which Radzik belonged to when he was supposed to have been a faithful Ramakrishna monk! Here are some of the TOPY-related tribes: Throbbing Gristle, temple of psychick youth, TEMPLE OV KALI MA and Genesis P-Orridge.

So, is Radzik concerned then about Swami Chetanananda being exposed as his secret guru? Yes and no. Radzik certainly was protesting when we stated that we would do it.

Yes, because Radzik clearly had reason to carefully keep Chetanananda secret. Perhaps Radzik is embarrassed to imagine Chetanananda discovering that his former chela is an anti-Hindu fanatic - but that isn't the whole reason (as we reveal another time).

No, because the exposure of the Radzik-Chetanananda’s connection is likely to be an asset for Radzik especially as it was revealed by from a third-party. Radzik never completely covered his tracks in this matter, providing just enough information for someone to follow the trail back to the Ramakrishna Math. Not only can Radzik continue to cash in on his affiliation with the Ramakrishna Math, even if it is long past the sell-by-date, as we have seen recently in his fraudulent mis-representation to members but he can use it as a smokescreen to cover his current affiliations.

As far as we are concerned Swami Chetanananda was Radzik’s guru but is no longer. Radzik’s underground guru has not yet been exposed but will be. Radzik arguably never did followthe advice and example of Ramakrishna monk Swami Chetanananda of whom he declared:

My guru, is about the most low-key and unassuming person I've ever met. His teaching is the same teaching his guru gave, which is the same teaching Ramakrishna and Vivekananda gave.

Guru-defenders, we live in exciting times. Love your guru. Place some links to our blog on forums and blogs which have been polluted by Radzik's filthy anti-guru verbiage. You will sleep better at night. Watch this spot for the next update.


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