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Sadistic Jody Radzik: Guilty by Gene Poole

Former NonDualitySalon moderator, Gene Poole has strongly criticized Jody Radzik for his "twisted sadistic cruelty". Poole has compiled a list of Radzik's guilty actions. What follows are excerpts from Poole’s post, unaltered except for a few corrected spelling errors and font bold.

Poole's hagiographic apologetic seeks to distance Jody Radzik’s reviled anti-Rasa attacks from Guru Ratings Forum (GRF) list owner Sarlo. He claims that Radzik acted independently and without the blessing of Sarlo:
One of our (now ex) members, JodyR, owns a 'blog' called Guruphilliac. You may have seen it.

He took it upon himself, with no help or known provocation from anyone here at GR,
to scout around the web and find various 'gurus' to 'rate' on his blog.

Gene Poole thereby distances Sarlo when Rasa complains about the wild attack dogs who viciously jumped her on Sarlo’s GRF. Poole is a Photoshop expert. Question: Who created the GRF's former growling bulldog which Sarlo uploaded and labelled "Wooly Bully"?
In his search, he found Rasa's website.

Unfortunately for Gene's re-write cannot fully exonerate his list-owner for Sarlo has admitted fault.

With great relish wordsmith Gene sarcastically undermines Radzik’s tacky yellow journalism:
So JodyR proceded to whip up a fantastic,
attention-grabbing blog entry about Rasa,
and of course, he put a link to it here
in GR, so that we 'all' could take a look
and have a good laugh or groan or otherwise admire his wordsmanship and acumen as it
pertains to pointing his finger of judgment at Rasa and holding her up to public ridicule.

Gene makes his main play: distancing Sarlo’s GRF from the outlaw Jody Radzik.
So the 'beginning' had nothing to do with
GR; JodyR's blog is independent and does
not depend on GR or Sarlo.

Then Gene mentions Radzik’s denial defense mechanism:
JodyR has consistently upheld what he
considers his 'right' to 'expose' Rasa,
and has basically stonewalled any criticism
directed at him.

And upbraids Radik’s main partner-in-crime, the corrupt Bruce Morgen:
BruceM, a guy I have known online forever, acted as backup pitcher for JodyR, for reasons which I am unaware. He recently was put on moderation by Sarlo, and he too, like JodyR, stonewalls against any attempt to help him see the not-so-subtle error of his ways, in regard to mistreatment of Rasa.

Gene reiterates that Jody Radzik urinated on Sarlo’s GRF
like a dog marking out its territory:
My own viewpoint: JodyR was gravely mistaken in his assumptions concerning Rasa, and he did 'us all' a disservice by dragging GR into his own karmic field-effect.

Manly, Gene defends Rasa response to the GRF gang attack:
As I have stated several times; I do not
consider that Rasa's 'over the top' reaction
to JodyR's blog OR to her mistreatment here,
to be EITHER justified NOR 'proof' that she
is 'insane'. This point seems to slip by a lot of our members.

Gene pointing out that jealous Jody Radzik should ‘make nice’ with lady Rasa goes on to hit Radzik with a concise and revealing list of Radzik’s guilt:
JodyR has stated, on many occasions, that he is 'just an asshole with an attitude'. JodyR COULD go a long way toward bringing peace, healing and closure to this 'affair', if he would simply step up and take responsibility for his own bad

- guilty of misunderstanding the intent and
purport of Rasa's web pages and her advocacy

- guilty of going forward with his public mockery of Rasa, based upon his own misunderstanding, as stated above

- guilty of continuing his misunderstandings, as stated above, even after he had plenty of time to investigate and make corrections

- guilty of utter lack of compassion:

-- IF his blog is a 'service' and a warning to the 'gullible' and designed to help prevent harm via guru-fraud, he has no business producing harm via his blog. There is ALWAYS a way to state truth without producing harm, and JodyR has not only neglected this 'principle', but has
reveled in inflicting pain

-- JodyR has been present here during the shitstorms which he himself precipitated, and has not done anything to ameliorate that for the 'good' of GR
or his longtime 'friends' here. He has let GR take the brunt of his own very bad judgment

-- JodyR has manifested, in his blog and here
in GR, a twisted sadistic cruelty, directed to
punishment, pain and humiliation of others; he mistakenly assumes that the sin of the other, justifies his own sin.

-- I have seen nothing from JodyR which indicates that he has gained any insight into his own impulses, by what has gone on as a result of his
attack upon Rasa; instead, we have the toxic
echoes of his acts, showing up here as hurt feelings and perpetuation of harm and grief. It is this refusal of owning his own 'shit' that began this
stinking mess and also the continuation of it.

-- JodyR hides out behind his 'journalistic credentials' as a 'blogger' and does not see beyond his immediate gratification of what he considers a 'job well done'.

'Mission accomplished', JodyR.

Wrapping up, Gene writes:
If JodyR had learned this, he would have made his blog entry on Rasa take a very different form and tone, and we would seen none of the bitter acrimony that has taken the place of the usual bullshit glad-handing and misquoting and etc that is the 'usual fare' of GR.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Regarding Sarlo's complicity in JodyR's attacks on Rasa and others, the moderator of a group sets the tone that others follow and has the responsibilty to keep hateful whiners like JodyR either in check or off the list. Also, when did Sarlo start promoting JodyR on his Guru Ratings website? In my opinion, Sarlo's promotion of JodyR shows Sarlo has a problem with his ability to discern serious character flaws and most likely has no business judging gurus.

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