Monday, April 10, 2006

Jody Radzik Evades Sarlo's War Crimes Investigation

Jody Radzik has suddenly unsubbed from Sarlo’s Guru Ratings YahooGroup which has been his guru-hate crimes base for over 5 years.

Radzik and several others “fell on their swords” reported list-owner Sarlo referring to the suicidal action taken by Roman soldiers who are disgraced or defeated in battle. Radzik suddenly flew the coop when he erroneously believed an early report, again by Sarlo, that his long-term partner-in-arms, Bruce Morgen, had also gone AWOL. Bruce, lamenting being left alone by Radzik, later revealed that he had not retreated, but had been placed on moderation for his part in continuing a hostile war against Rasa von Werder of The University Of Mother God Church.

The knee-jerk reactions of Radzik and Morgen has been in response to Sarlo making a full apology to Rasa von Werder for his part in a particularly nasty unprovoked attack upon her character and reputation during 9 days in December 2005. Sarlo’s apology was initiated by his partner of 24 years, Ma Dhyan Amiyo, who identified the misogynistic and sadistic behaviors of the Guru Rating Forum members.

Sarlo has now asked GRF members to co-operate in rooting out the sadists from within their ranks and is initiating an investigation. Radzik has chosen to leave rather than face judgment over his actions. He has never apologized to Rasa for the many defamatory and unprovoked posts which he has made against her on his guru-hate blog, Guruphiliac.

Sarlo’s GRF is still in crisis as the members try to find a new way. The heat is still on following the birth of a new list critical of Sarlo: Sarlo Rating YahooGroup and Sarlo’s Guru Rating Service Blog.

Meanwhile war veteran Radzik has re-discovered his Kali Ma roots and is busily reinventing his credentials on the forums under the new protectorate of one list owner Alx Uttermann.


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