Sunday, April 30, 2006

Bruce Morgen's Sadistic History Exposed On GRF

Bruce Morgen is co-editor of Jody Radik's guru-hate journal Guruphiliac. Radzik and Morgen's partnership-in-crime goes back a long way. A Google Group search for "Jodyr" and "Bruce" reveals an evil pact alliance stretching back to 1998.

Bruce Morgen we need not you remind you is an unabashed egotist suffering from low-self esteem who dares to falsely masquerade as ISP's editor by using the Yahoo ID "editorjuno" and the email address "" and as an 'underground guru' on Sarlo's Guru Ratings Forum group.

The web history record shows that Radzik and Morgen's first demonic internet incarnation dates back at least as far as Apr 7 1998 when they ganged up on the Sat Guru of Surat Shabd Yoga, Michael Martin.

What seemed to be a one-off hit-and-run initiation for these two evil twins was soon to become killing-spree across their globe culminating in the death-do-us-part blood pact sealed by occultist Radzik's and apostate Jew Morgen's joining at the hip through the unholy organ of the Guruphiliac blog and Guruphiliac Yahoogroup. (Note: Morgen's Jewish roots are not relevant here, but his dismissal of Judaism is. Furthermore, atheists Radzik and Morgen hide behind a religious facade when criticised).

Radzik's devotion to Morgen cannot be overlooked in considering Radzik's secret second guru. Radzik's first hidden guru was exposed as Swami Chetanananda on Joe Moreno's Guruphiliac Jody Radzik: A Profile. However, as we posted earlier we cannot consider Swami Chetanananda to be the architect of Radzik's guru-hate war or Radzik's deeply offensive suggestion that Hindu saint Ramakrishna was a pedophile!

We should note that Radzik has cautiously offered to connect Guruphiliac posters to "underground gurus". Radzik seeks to hawk these cheap and worthless imitators by trashing actual living gurus. In his deeply jealous post "Sri Sri's Inflation Unabated" Radzik tries to give online entities like Morgen a veneer of purity by juxtaposing them against a backdrop of gurus which he accuses of being false and ill-motivated.

However, as we have already seen, Radzik has been caught going to far and actually libelling a guru with lies which only he has created as in the Radzik libel of Gregorian Bivolaru. Shamelessly and without concern for anyone’s safety Radzik pimps unregistered online entities who could be psycopaths or serial-killers for all that he knows or cares: “”.

When asked by a regular guru hater “dontbullme” (note: not a Guruphiliac critic but a fan) the vital disclosing question “What do you mean by "underground gurus"??”. Radzik typically falls silent and back-out of the thread which he created – slick pimp Jody is suddenly tongue-tied!

Rave-promoter Radzik use of the term "underground" to suggest "valid" rather than "worthless". However, Morgen's guru services, hosted on Radzik's Atman.Net webpages are not actually "underground" they are simply ignored by wider spiritual community who no doubt find them to be ignorant and useless. Could this explain Radzik's and Morgen's unremitting jealous tirades against all gurus?

Radzik left Sarlo's Guru Ratings Forum after he believed that Morgen had deserted him to face criticism from Gene Poole's investigation of the cruel hounding of Rasa von Werder of The University Of Mother God Church. It seemed that an apology was too much from these cowards.

Following the news of the exodus of rats from the sinking Guru Ratings ship older more sensitive ex-GRF members returned, some with a positive outlook. One such star is Melody. She had patiently suffered an 8 year online discussion with the venomous Morgen. What follows below is another attempt by Melody to reason with Bruce who is accused of hypocritically protecting Radzik from criticism whilst sadistically attacking others simply because he believes that it is good for them. Insightfully, Melody points out that Morgen is harming rather than helping souls.

Melody is responding to the perpetually combative Morgen who like Radzik projects that if others don't agree with him then they must be against him. Melody's call for peace and not to arms is tearful and historic. We won't forget.

First, Morgen's egregious accusation:
You are obviously looking to pick (or continue, depending on your perspective) a public fight with me.
Melody patiently points out that she is simply discussing: Like you I persisted in presenting my view, to be sure. Further she adds that fighting is not the point of discussion:
I'm not looking to continue a fight, Bruce, but to get beyond it.
She then notes her 8 year experiences of hit-and-run Bruce's inability to discuss (or as a man would say ‘fight fair'):
And I know by seeing this pattern in our communication for more than 8 years now, that getting beyond it does not mean ignoring it or refusing to deal with it.
Melody then lists obnoxious Bruce Almighty's general abusive modus operandi:
Rather than slip into generalized slurs, negative characterizations and ugly name-calling, I have specified individual points of contention.

That you would once again just brush off those points with a "I can't be bothered with this stuff" kind of statement does tend to reinforce my view, admittedly.

I'd love to come to a place of genuine respect and empathy with you, Bruce, but admittedly haven't been able to. These 'dances' we do publicly now and then only tend to reinforce each of our negative view of the other, rather than move beyond them.

I like to think of myself as a bright and aware person, and I know you think of yourself as all that, and more.

You think we could be 'grown up' enough to come to a place of understanding and respect between us.

Admittedly for me, that respect, at the moment seems contingent upon your taking responsibility for some of the 'harm' you do. People have told you several times that your 'way' is inappropriate, and still you persist ignoring the effects you have on them. I didn't respect you when you told me that one day I would thank you for all the poundings mockings and insults you threw my way years also. Nor did I thank you for the way you've treated others similarly thru the years.....most recently Rasa.

Your continue to assert that basically you're doing 'gods work' by 'tearing them down'.... publicly 'exposing' all their sins and faults....humiliating them, and I continue to assert you're just being a deluded jerk.

You say you're only here to serve, and yet where's the long line of people who stand up and say "Thank you bruce for tearing me to shreds publicly"?

You've said before that you "take Jody to task" now and then for stuff he says and does, but you always do it PRIVATELY.

You don't post publicly anything but reinforcement and support for what he says and does.

You used to do the same thing with Judi. You would make excuses for her, and 'explain' her if you didn't like what she did, but you never publicly humiliated her - not until your 'separation', and of course she joined the ranks of the 'deluded'.

Apparently, you know that to mock and humiliate Jody would not be in his interest. Apparently you care enough about him to treat him with respect and consideration online.

So where is the respect and consideration for 'the foolish'? It isn't, that's where it is! And yet you continue to insist that you're only "here to serve".

What you're serving is what you promote and nurture, and what you try to destroy is what you don't like or approve of.

If only you would admit to just that, rather than wrapping yourself in this bodhisatva shit, "a love for all sentient beings",
it would be much easier 'to take'.

You don't love and want to assist in 'getting free' those you disdain and judge as inept. You only 'love' and 'assist' the people you judge as worthy of you.

I'd love to see this another way, I really would. But for crying out loud, with posts like the one earlier, you sure don't make it easy.



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