Saturday, March 18, 2006

Radzik's Failed Sex & Drugs Guru Bid

Writer Douglas Rushkoff was a boring academic obsessed with one thing: women. Rushkoff's problem was that he could pontificate but he could not copulate.

When occultist Jody Radzik entered the nerdy rich kid’s life he offered him a world that he had never seen before: endless parties populated by naive young girls and the necessary drug inducements to get them into bed.

Radzik was working overtime trying to promote Ecstasy as The Love Drug. Rushkoff, initially, was just another sucker who believed Radzik to be his “good friend”.

The 'good friendship' con worked just fine for Radzik. Eventually, for Radzik, Rushkoff became more than just a cash cow, he became a ticket to fame. Rushkoff gave Radzik a cover-story for exploiting others. Until then Radzik was an aging clubber, pereceived quite rightly as a lecherous old cross-dresser by those younger than himself.

In his cyberpunk book "Cyberia", Rushkoff cast Radzik as a leading techno-shaman raising planetary consciousness by promoting drugs use. Rushkoff out of his head, and meeting abandoned women for the first time, completely bought into Radzik's "drugs as consciousness accelerants" rants. And why wouldn't he - Rushkoff was flying high!

But this was not enough for Radzik. He knew about all the so-called "great gurus" of the drugs-occult-clubbing scene: Timothy Leary, Richard Alpert, Genesis P-Orridge and Anton LeVey. And Jody Radzik wanted to join them - in the drugs and clubbing hall of fame! (Let's not forget mass murderer and drugs guru Charles Manson who took drug-taking to its insane conclusion.) Radzik nearly made it too, he was described by "Rolling Stone magazine as One of the [rave] crowd's resident gurus," (Source: Mark Dery).

Radzik's drug-fuelled insomniac non-stop partying existence was not empty - just meaningless. Rushkoff, his “good friend” became his hagiographer, that special someone dumb enough to believe in him, naïve enough not to ask questions, and just clever enough to fabricate Radzik’s romanticized history.

To become really famous Radzik needed to be unique. He experimented with brain-machines for awhile. He marketed clothing to clubbers (he still does). But this was not good enough.

Radzik and Rushkoff hit on the idea of importing an guru into the nightclub scene. He would be a sort of president for the United States of Awakening. But the guru would have to be naïve enough to control.

They went through several possible candidates and in the end they settled for charismatic Sri Lankan Tilak Fernando. Using Radzik's standard corruption tactics they handled Tilak's loyalty issues by introducing him to young women taken straight off the club dance floor.

Soon a stream of young clubbers where making their way to Tilak's bedroom where he showed them astral lights. Years later, Rushkoff viciously attacked Tilak claiming that the lights were faked. He also claimed that Tilak was having affairs. Ironically, Rushkoff failed to admit that he was exploiting Tilak by carrying on a sexual affair with Tilak's wife, Teri Fernando!

Nor did Rushkoff really explain his role as Tilak's manager. Rushkoff arranged Tilak's public events, made the opening speech and booked the bedroom appointments! Even Rushkoff's mother was brought in to try and get her to bankroll the events with her checkbook. Behind the scene Radzik's controlling hand could be discerned stage-managing everything.

Fifteen years after the failed Tilak Fernando Project, Radzik is still hunting down Fernando. Miraculously, Radzik still has a copy of 13 year old document "The Cult of Tilak" attacking Tilak. The document is almost wholly based upon the testimony of Radzik's "good friend" Rushkoff. Radzik hopes to cripple Fernando if he ever dares start a business without his management.

Radzik's blog Guruphiliac has been created simply to attack and defame gurus who Radzik cannot fairly compete. The title of Radzik's most recent article reveals his own private competitive concerns about Tilak: Will The Cult Of Tilak Rise Again?

Tilak is working for a non-profit org and clearly has never wanted to be seen as a guru. However, these facts are ignored by Radzik who nevertheless insists that Tilak is to be classified under "Gurus Clockin' Dollars".

Remember, how we exposed Radzik’s unconscionable libel of human rights victim Gregorian Bivolaru , without a shred of evidence not even a news clipping? Radzik falsely claimed that Bivolaru had been "trafficking in little boys." So how did Radzik choose to attack Tilak Fernando? Yes, you guessed it, with similar unsupported libels.

Radzik alleged that Fernando had sex with a young woman under the legal age - his niece no less.
It turned out that Tilak was using a small flashlight in his mouth, mostly for the purposes of gaining a harem of female devotees to service his sexual needs. He even went as far as to impregnate his own 14-year old niece!

When Radzik was challenged to prove it - what did he do? Nothing of course, because when it comes to defaming gurus, Radzik is not interested in facts.

You might also ask why has Radzik not reported the statutory rape as he is legally obliged to do? The answer is that either it did not happen or Radzik is hiding his own involvement. Either way Radzik is busted!


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