Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Radzik Worried: Expose Of His Secret Guru

Jody Radik has over-reacted against recent criticisms of his guru-hate blog, Guruphiliac by threatening legal action, censoring blog readers, deleting reader’s comments and attacking a popular Indian saint – all in a desperate attempt to create a smokescreen around his real concern that we might soon reveal the identity of his secret guru.

The trigger for Radzik’s frantic response was our post “Jody Radzik’s Unholy Guru War” in which we announced our intention to expose Radzik’s secret guru. Radzik responded immediately with a misleadingly titled post “Ad Hominem Happiness[Update: Radzik has since taken this page down. No comments were published] on his own Guruphiliac blog.

We say ‘misleadingly titled’ because Radzik was not interested in defending against personal criticisms about drug-promotion or his involvement in a scatological necrophiliac occult cult, Temple of Psychic Youth. Nor did Radzik intend to correct his unconscionable libel of human rights victim Gregorian Bivolaru.

Radzik’s main concern was our declared intention to expose his secret guru.

We feel that this information would be in the public interest as Radzik’s secret guru is the inspiration for Radzik’s obsessive hate-and-libel campaign against all other gurus (who Radzik erroneously perceives as competition).

Radzik’s over-the-top retaliation has been to threaten his critics with “local law enforcement[Update: Radzik has since taken this page down] for intending “to out our [i.e. Guruphiliac Radzik’s] own guru” which he falsely claims “may amount to criminal harassment[Update: Radzik took page down]. Unfortunately for Radzik local law enforcement are unlikely to take seriously the hysterical cries for help of a cross-dressing drug-taking member of a scatological necrophiliac occult cult The Temple of Psychic Youth and its sex-op transvestite leader Genesis P-Orridge. Especially, when the crying is coming from a rabid guru-hating propagandist afraid that his own guru’s identity will be revealed. Radzik’s classic and hypocritical reactions of “shrieking hissy fits” fits “The Jody Radzik Profile”.

Several hours after his threatening post Radzik posted again - this time warning his readers that they would all be placed on “Comments Moderation” - in a vain bid to censor criticism. We always knew that while sadistic bully Radzik, whose favorite site is “Defamer” could not handle counter-criticism. Perhaps his blog’s name should be changed from “Guruphiliac” to “Critophobic”.

Radzik evinces classic displacement behaviour irrationally attacking everyone he hates even when they are uninvolved with his perceived troubles. His “Guruphiliac” blog is a typical example.

Radzik is blaming two brave guru supporters, the valiant Rasa von Werder and the scholarly Gerald Moreno, for his current woes in an attempt to cover up the true extent of wide-scale unpopularity. Radzik continues to deliberately deceive his reader’s by listing “Jody Radzik Occult Drugstore Blog” as “Rasa’s War pt II” in Guruphiliac’s sidebar [Update: Several weeks later Radzik altered the link to say something like "Harridstan". Radzik has now removed all sidebar links to critics].

Rasa and Gerald are not the writers of “Jody Radzik Occult Drugstore” or “Guruphiliac Jody Radzik” and that they have their own sites through which they actively promote their views.

Privately, Radzik is concerned that his past has come back to haunt him. Radzik has made a lot of real life enemies through the nightclub scene - this is why he hides out with his dog in the hills of Sante Fe. Radzik's drugs induced paranoia makes him the only person on the Net who truly sees stalkers lurking on every web-corner and who continually threatens critics with “local law enforcement”.

If Radzik does not mind then we would be happy to contact Sante Fe “law enforcement”, or any other agency, to hand over a dossier on Radzik including his unreported alleged statutory rape of a 14 year old.

Typically, Radzik is now drowning his troubles by diverting attention away from himself and towards his traditional objects of hate – gurus.

Cowardly bully Radzik has repeatedly targeted two of the least controversial mother figures of the modern guru world the hugely popular Mother Meera. Radzik insultingly dubs them “monster mothers”.

Ironically, the “poop” and “dog’s ass” obsessed hallucinating druggie Radzik venomously accuses Amma of drugging her devotees with “mind-corroding astral breast milk”.

Radzik has nothing new to say about Mother Meera but feels he must continue to attack her with the tired old, and wrong, allegation that she is homophobic. This false accusation comes from former devotee, Andrew Harvey, who attacked Meera after he set himself up as a gay guru more than a decade ago. The truth is more mundance and innocent: Mother Meera accepted Harvey and even brought him and his gay lover breakfast in bed.

In many ways Radzik is like the vindictive Harvey. They are both jealous of other gurus and have miserably failed in their guru self-promotion attempts.

Also, Radzik is obsessed with homosexual living, so much so that he felt the need to post an off-topic advert for gay yoga in "Hot Nude Yoga Guru Gets Off " on his blog – not particularly newsworthy as yoga has been practiced naked even before the 60’s.

Radzik has also been busy attempting to portray gurus, like the famous late Hindu saint Ramakrishna as homosexual though he has failed to produce evidence which he claims to have once read.

For Radzik the worst sin in the world is the exposing of his secret guru, something which he never believed would happen, in fact, he based his whole guru-bashing unreality upon it. Radzik is so concerned that he is now preventing all of his readers from posting hundred of guru-hate comments on Guruphiliac simply because we might post a single guru-exposing link there. How is that for an inconvenient over-reaction?



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