Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Pariah Radzik Starts Shredding Evidence

Pariah Radzik Starts Shredding Evidence

Jody Radzik awoke this morning to the most stunning realization of his adult life.

"I think I have no friends" he said to the sock puppet on his left hand. "You're right! You wanker!" agreed the right hand sock puppet and biffed him on the nose.

Bloody-nosed, Radzik ran to his Macintosh to logon to his favorite guru-hate forum: GuruRatings. "Surely there I will find the support and love which I so sorely miss" he sniffed.

But lo, the denizens of GuruRatings did turn their back and did close their doors on the miserable wretch, screaming "We do not want your blood on our heads. A pox and a plague on you who did make our list-daddy Sarlo to abandon us and go play with himself on other forums: LivingOsho and NondualitySalon – you wanker.

Radzik, in tears, looked in awe at his former guru-hating buddies who in comparison seemed blameless. They appeared as if bathed in light. Rubbing his eyes he muttered "Must make a note to stay off drugs."

"But I am being stalked" lied Radzik to GuruRatings' men of honor.

To deaf ears and stony-faces he continued to blab - to the assembled leaders of guru-hatred, their union leaders, lawyers and hit-men - like a baby.

Rasa has been lying [I know this is not true but I need a scapegoat to direct your focus] about me for quite some time on her various Guruphiliac attack venues. [I also know that she does not own those sites] [another lie but who is counting?]

Yesterday she stepped it up to criminal proportions. [Well again actually I don’t really think it was her]
She has resorted to accusing my guru of a felony: [We all know what the Don does but no-one dares to talk about it, okay!]

> We still have Radzik's secret guru/boss in our
> sights and his involvement in covering up several deaths.

Radzik then threw himself at their mercy and one-by-one the men-of-no-honor made pronouncement on jodyrrr:

Why do you need a Guru?
Tony O’Clery

What did you expect?

I'm with Durga. What did you expect? .... you are guilty of malicious intent when you tear down gurus others love and respect. What goes around comes around and around.

Radzik then made his appeal:
The question is: should she be allowed to do this? [I am a man. I have steel balls. I will take control]

No-one on Guru Ratings helped him though.

But Radzik did act though not bravely or loudly. He started shredding evidence.

First he deleted his pejoratively named list of Radzik critics from all his webpages. However we kept a copy for you to witness:

Rasa's War
Joe Moreno
Rasa's War, Part II

Radzik then deleted his threatening post: Ad Hominem Happiness posted March 20, 2006. We will now have to correct our links to that piece .

Radzik then posted a defensive article, classic Radzik hypocrisy, emotively titled “The Tragic Consequences Of Speaking Your Mind” on Mar 28 2006. However he was in such a mood of delete-everything-incriminating that he deleted it within in minutes of posting it! We still await Radzik’s retraction of his libel of human rights victim Gregorian Bivolaru.

Meanwhile, Sarlo is AWOL from his Guru Ratings forum and Radzik has gone deep undercover to find out why by joining antisarloratings while Sarlo is posting "99 Bottles of Beer" on LivingOsho. Hic! But that isn't as bad as the depressingly titled "silent, inactive ... that looks like death" as sarlo9 .

And Radzik is still desperately defending himself on a thread posted against Guruphiliac titled “uh, duh.... this pisses me off”.

All in an average day’s work for guru-hating fanatic Radzik!

Stay tuned for more updates about the guru-hate supremo Jody Radzik who has come to regret his bold boast "Kali has her fist up my ass up to her elbow and she loves every minute of it!"


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Sarlo-JodyR don't need to be sad! In Bavarian Bushwhackers Barbarian Beer Bars is enuff fun for the prize, their puffed up Daddy EGO censorsh*t needs to pay - without goons!


loves Sarlo-JodyR with these new version of DILDO news for anal use :-) enjoy

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