Friday, March 31, 2006

n0by’s theory: Guruphiliac Jody Radzik = Sarlo Gururatings

n0by, an ex-member of the Osho (Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh) sect, has just published a theory that Jody Radzik, the owner of hate-blog Guruphiliac is the same person as Sarlo the owner of guru-ridicule site Sarlo’s Guru Ratings Service and Guru Ratings Yahoogroup).

n0by’s theory was inspired by friend investigating Jody Radzik and Sarlo, using internet IP route-tracing, concluded that Radzik and Sarlo as the same person.

n0by has devoted many years to seeking redress from the various managements who controlled Osho’s life, work and assets. His obsessions in order have been Osho, Osho’s manager Sheela and Swami Deva Sarlo.

n0by’s interest in Sarlo started after Sarlo banned from his lists: Guru Ratings Forum (GRF), LivingOsho and Sannyas-list (closed for suspicious reasons). Sarlo also threatened to ban anyone who dared mentioned n0by existence. Sarlo’s words carry weight on the internet and over the sannyas portals which he controls various. His ban on n0by has effectively made an outcast of n0by.

n0by has responded by creating his own webpages, discussion groups (Yahoogroups), and blog.

n0by suspects that Jody Radzik is Swami Sarlo’s repressed side.

n0by writes:
From text-analysis and from other information I guess, that Sarlo and JodyR are identical persons.

So I hope, that Sarlo is bored with blabla [idle chat] for friendly behaviour, to please goons in Gulag [GRF].

So I hope, that Sarlo has found a creative outlet disguised as JodyR, to write his deeper tr*th!
Since n0by has a close association with Sarlo (they lived in the same communes). Any claim coming from n0by about Sarlo needs to be taken seriously.

However, since we know that Jody (Joseph) Radzik is a real guy living in Santa Fe, New Mexico we cannot agree that he is simply Sarlo’s online sock-puppet.

We can, however, agree with certain details.
  • That Radzik and Sarlo may have posted from the same internet IP address. Radzik and Sarlo are quite 'tight'. Radzik promotes Sarlo’s guru-bashing whilst Sarlo protects Radzik’s guru-hating activities from criticism on his GRF list and describes him in glowing terms on his SGRS website. Curiously, Sarlo has been absent from his own GRF list, and may be fighting to protect Radzik’s image and ego against the recent wave of criticism.

  • That Radzik’s language may seem like Sarlo’s because Sarlo has been a guru-hating mentor for Radzik.

  • That Radzik expresses his guru-rage in outrageous ways much more brutal than Sarlo dares but probably would like to do if he did not fear being sued as much.
If n0by’s friend would like to make his research available then we would happily analyze it.

n0by has recently created two webpages about Radzik. Click for JodyR and JodyR 2. A new blog has also been created about Sarlo guru-hate egroup: Sarlo’s Guru Rating Service Blog.

Sarlo was recently discovered on his sannyas list LivingOsho trying to sell a dress which (it is claimed) was worn by Osho.

Coming soon the unstoppable pro-guru researcher Joe Moreno reveals Jody Radzik’s secret guru before us even! Enjoy.


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more facts for your research - and next time in n0by@yahoogroups too for our convenience and the artwork to spread those theories, ok?

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