Sunday, March 19, 2006

Jody Radzik’s Unholy Guru War

Jody Radzik is not what he seems and he likes it that way. Radzik has no intention of letting you see who he really is. However, this post will help resolve several enigmas about the deliberately mysterious Jody Radzik.

One person who studied him stated “Jody Radzik is not an easy person to understand. One might easily assume that Jody Radzik is a free-thinker, a skeptic, a rationalist, a disillusioned ex-follower, a grumpy guy or a mixture of all of the above. However, the truth about Jody is rather surprising ...

Indeed, the truth is often very surprising. In this blog Guruphiliac Jody Radzik we have already printed several shocking hard-to-find facts about the elusive drug-promoting occultist Radzik. Radzik has retaliated and is busily deleting his online photos. One informant claims to have a photo of Radzik in drag but has been put under pressure to bury it.

The recent wave of criticism comes as a blow to Radzik's reputation as he hoped to earn a living making money from his guru defamation racket. Ask your self if you would want this drug-abusing occultist to be taking your tax dollars
as a self-styled expert witness who hides his unsavoury past?

Radzik's libels are no laughing matter as they could lead to life imprisonment and even murder. The man Radzik calls “Master ", Rick Ross, is another self-styled cult expert who may have supplied misleading information to the media and government which needlessly lead to the deaths of 74 Branch Davidians (including 23 children) at Waco. A bad day for the government and a bad day for religion. But Radzik does not care. He vilifies one guru, Kalki Bhagavan who he calls Kracki, thus "he is doing more to prevent self-realization than all the heroin in Afghanistan and brothels in Thailand, in my opinion."

Human rights victim Gregorian Bivolaru could have faced life imprisonment in a Romanian jail after Radzik libeled him. Radzik stated with absolutely no evidence that Bivolaru (who he does not even know and whose first name he could not get correct) was "trafficking in little boys". For such a serious allegation Radzik is morally and legally obliged to supply proof. However, Radzik has failed to uphold even the most basic ethical standards.

In our earlier expose Radzik Libels Human Rights Victim Gregorian Bivolaru" we did not get around to mentioning Radzik's further libel in which he falsely stated that Bivolaru used "corporal punishment". Again, we ask Radzik to show his proof or be prepared to hand over hefty compensation fees.

When it comes to lying Radzik figures that he might as well be sued for one hundred lies instead of just one lie. Even a brief look at Radzik's ethics-lacking venom-filled druggie lifestyle and words reveal a psychopath who cannot be trusted. It is unconscionable to think that Radzik would one day be paid for promoting his hate ideology.

When considering Radzik’s sociopath behaviors how can one decide which is the most disturbed? Is it his promotion of killer drugs, corruption of youth, hate-inciting untruths, jail-bait libels, crusade against spiritual authorities or is there is there something as yet unrevealed?

It may come as a shock to the most rabid guru-hating readers of Guruphiliac to learn that anti-guru fanatic Jody Radzik has his own guru!

While Radzik has done his best to cover up this fact he has not been able to hide it completely – the clues are there to be discovered. One day Radzik will announce to the world his love for his secret guru, but first Radzik has to level the field by killing off all competition. In this regard Radzik is similar to Silas, the albino monk assassin in the “Da Vinci Code”, who unquestioningly kills anyone opposed to his master.

A clue to Radzik’s guru devotion is found in the title of his blog Guruphiliac which roughly means “guru lover or friend”. By analyzing the word ""-philia" you can get some clue to Radzik's motives.

Aristotle's idea of "philia" was "things that cause friendship are: doing kindnesses; doing them unasked; and not proclaiming the fact when they are done" (Rhetoric, II. 4, trans. Rhys Roberts).

By using the word "philia" Radzik is signalling that his hate-blog is a gift or a kindness to someone who has not requested it and that Radzik will not expect thanks. That mystery someone is actually Radzik's secret guru whose identity we will reveal if Radzik does not.

The use of the word "-philiac" is also revealing as it denotes a form of sexual obsession or perversion as in "coprophiliac" and "necrophiliac".

A coprophiliac has a marked interest in excrement especially the use of feces or filth for sexual excitement.

A necrophiliac has an obsessive fascination with death and corpses and an erotic attraction to or sexual contact with corpses.

Both coprophilia and necrophilia would be familiar practices for Radzik who was/is a member of occult group, Temple of Psychic Youth, whose members use human waste and dead objects in their magical rituals.

Radzik’s obsession with using the “poo” word was noted in Guruphiliac Jody Radzik: A Profile which dubs Radzik as a guru who promotes the “Gospel of Poo”.

Radzik’s fascination with death is also entirely consistent with his avowed worship of the fiercesome corpse-eating defecating goddess of death and destructionKali.

Indeed, Radzik proudly declares "Kali has her fist up my ass up to her elbow and she loves every minute of it!" in the book Cyberia written his "good friend" Douglas Rushkoff.

Kali is also seen as a goddess of war whose blessing Radzik undoubtedly seeks in his mortal combat with all gurudom.

As we declared earlier “one day Radzik will announce to the world his love for his secret guru, but first Radzik has to level the field by killing off all competition.” However, we plan to pre-empt Radzik’s unholy war by stealing the initiative and exposing his secret guru to the world. Stay tuned to this blog!


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