Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Bully Radzik’s Begs Rasa For A Truce

Last week Jody Radizk celebrated the one year anniversary of his libelous hate-inciting guru-bashing blog, Guruphiliac. This week he is counting the cost of his pyrrhic victory as he comes under increasing fire from human rights campaigners and guru supporters everywhere.

Radzik, for the first time ever, is reluctantly offering to throw in the towel and concede defeat to a woman he has been attacking, Rasa Von Werder, founder of The University Of Mother God Church.

Radzik has been the main ring-leader in a vicious disinformation campaign designed to provoke Rasa and make her appear crazy. The majority of Radzik’s cowardly attacks were made with the full support his mentor, Swami Deva Sarlo on the Guru Ratings Forum (GRF) Yahoogroup which Sarlo owns.

Radzik also used his own hate-blog Guruphiliac many times to defame Rasa. Both Radzik and Sarlo moderate their sites thus preventing real dialogue. Maybe this is the reason why so many alternative sites critiquing Radzik and Sarlo have recently been created.

Fortunately for the many victims of bullies Razik and Sarlo they chose the wrong person to stalk. For Rasa is a servant of God, a 20 year celibate and a former bodybuilder. It was revealed to Rasa that she should take responsibility for the many wrongs by which the meek are oppressed: rape, paedophilia, addiction and abortion.

Rasa’s motherly pastoral duties including an internet outreach which includes 26 group lists and her flagship website Woman Thou Art God which marries up matriarchy, yoga and Christianity. Rasa’s daily words of wisdom, dreams and mystical visions are enthusiastically received by a devoted audience searching for solutions and a better way of life.

Rasa has not accepted Radzik’s and Sarlo’s attacks quietly. She is certain that this not the right way for her saying that she “both a contemplative and an active” person.

Rasa has responded by creating her own alternative Sarlo Guru Ratings Yahoogroup: antisarloratings.
She also has designed some beautifully decorated webpages, including a few about about Sarlo and Radzik. And very importantly she has linked to other spiritual support sites which tackle guru-haters.

A new blog was created last week Sarlo’s Guru Rating Service. Though unconnected to Rasa it shares the same spirit of upholding the basic human right to religious association as enshrined in the American Constitution.

Sarlo has reacted by keeping uncharacteristically quiet on his own guru-hate egroup Guru Ratings Forum. In the past few days Sarlo has posted a big ZERO. However, we know that he is still lurking there because he posted over 10 times on a sannyas Yahoogroup LivingOsho which he owns!

However, while Sarlo is apparently 'away' Radzik still continues to post against Rasa on GRF. He has been trying to pacify the denizens of the Guru Ratings Forum who have been angered by the muck which he has brought upon their ungodly heads. Radzik has promised them that he will take down his Rasa-related Guruphiliac blog entries but only if certain conditions are first met by Rasa.

Radzik’s cunning conditions are knowingly unfair. He has not offered to remove the many forum posts against Rasa and he continues to abuse Rasa’s fans. Furthermore, Rasa does not control any blogs about Radzik.

It sure has been funny to see bully Radzik exposed for the cowardly sissy that he really he is. We leave you, our dear reader, with extracts of Radzik’s GRF posts. As ever we copy Radzik and add the real subtext.
Actions speak volumes [and that’s how you can tell that I am a shit]. I stopped posting about Rasa months ago [Untrue and irrelevant but who is going to argue with a bully like me?]. There are only 5 posts dealing with her, and 3 of those were based on material she generated [Again untrue but who can remember that there are at least 8 posts?]. She got mentioned again when she put up her latest attack blog [Yes, I know it’s not her blog but “attack whatever, whenever” is my way].

All she has to do is call off the war [it’s my war so can end it when I want to], take the sites and the list down [which she cannot because she does not own them but that does not stop me harassing her]. I will then take my posts down and this "war" will be done with [I’ve done my war crimes and am now crapping my pants in fear of retribution].

I've made my peace [me make peace what a joke!] overtures, all of which were ignored [as I expected because they were typically insincere].

I'll make them again. The hate sites go down, including the anti-Sarlo discussion group, and the Rasa entries go off my blog [Okay!? Anyone hear me? God?].



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