Friday, March 31, 2006

n0by’s theory: Guruphiliac Jody Radzik = Sarlo Gururatings

n0by, an ex-member of the Osho (Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh) sect, has just published a theory that Jody Radzik, the owner of hate-blog Guruphiliac is the same person as Sarlo the owner of guru-ridicule site Sarlo’s Guru Ratings Service and Guru Ratings Yahoogroup).

n0by’s theory was inspired by friend investigating Jody Radzik and Sarlo, using internet IP route-tracing, concluded that Radzik and Sarlo as the same person.

n0by has devoted many years to seeking redress from the various managements who controlled Osho’s life, work and assets. His obsessions in order have been Osho, Osho’s manager Sheela and Swami Deva Sarlo.

n0by’s interest in Sarlo started after Sarlo banned from his lists: Guru Ratings Forum (GRF), LivingOsho and Sannyas-list (closed for suspicious reasons). Sarlo also threatened to ban anyone who dared mentioned n0by existence. Sarlo’s words carry weight on the internet and over the sannyas portals which he controls various. His ban on n0by has effectively made an outcast of n0by.

n0by has responded by creating his own webpages, discussion groups (Yahoogroups), and blog.

n0by suspects that Jody Radzik is Swami Sarlo’s repressed side.

n0by writes:
From text-analysis and from other information I guess, that Sarlo and JodyR are identical persons.

So I hope, that Sarlo is bored with blabla [idle chat] for friendly behaviour, to please goons in Gulag [GRF].

So I hope, that Sarlo has found a creative outlet disguised as JodyR, to write his deeper tr*th!
Since n0by has a close association with Sarlo (they lived in the same communes). Any claim coming from n0by about Sarlo needs to be taken seriously.

However, since we know that Jody (Joseph) Radzik is a real guy living in Santa Fe, New Mexico we cannot agree that he is simply Sarlo’s online sock-puppet.

We can, however, agree with certain details.
  • That Radzik and Sarlo may have posted from the same internet IP address. Radzik and Sarlo are quite 'tight'. Radzik promotes Sarlo’s guru-bashing whilst Sarlo protects Radzik’s guru-hating activities from criticism on his GRF list and describes him in glowing terms on his SGRS website. Curiously, Sarlo has been absent from his own GRF list, and may be fighting to protect Radzik’s image and ego against the recent wave of criticism.

  • That Radzik’s language may seem like Sarlo’s because Sarlo has been a guru-hating mentor for Radzik.

  • That Radzik expresses his guru-rage in outrageous ways much more brutal than Sarlo dares but probably would like to do if he did not fear being sued as much.
If n0by’s friend would like to make his research available then we would happily analyze it.

n0by has recently created two webpages about Radzik. Click for JodyR and JodyR 2. A new blog has also been created about Sarlo guru-hate egroup: Sarlo’s Guru Rating Service Blog.

Sarlo was recently discovered on his sannyas list LivingOsho trying to sell a dress which (it is claimed) was worn by Osho.

Coming soon the unstoppable pro-guru researcher Joe Moreno reveals Jody Radzik’s secret guru before us even! Enjoy.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Pariah Radzik Starts Shredding Evidence

Pariah Radzik Starts Shredding Evidence

Jody Radzik awoke this morning to the most stunning realization of his adult life.

"I think I have no friends" he said to the sock puppet on his left hand. "You're right! You wanker!" agreed the right hand sock puppet and biffed him on the nose.

Bloody-nosed, Radzik ran to his Macintosh to logon to his favorite guru-hate forum: GuruRatings. "Surely there I will find the support and love which I so sorely miss" he sniffed.

But lo, the denizens of GuruRatings did turn their back and did close their doors on the miserable wretch, screaming "We do not want your blood on our heads. A pox and a plague on you who did make our list-daddy Sarlo to abandon us and go play with himself on other forums: LivingOsho and NondualitySalon – you wanker.

Radzik, in tears, looked in awe at his former guru-hating buddies who in comparison seemed blameless. They appeared as if bathed in light. Rubbing his eyes he muttered "Must make a note to stay off drugs."

"But I am being stalked" lied Radzik to GuruRatings' men of honor.

To deaf ears and stony-faces he continued to blab - to the assembled leaders of guru-hatred, their union leaders, lawyers and hit-men - like a baby.

Rasa has been lying [I know this is not true but I need a scapegoat to direct your focus] about me for quite some time on her various Guruphiliac attack venues. [I also know that she does not own those sites] [another lie but who is counting?]

Yesterday she stepped it up to criminal proportions. [Well again actually I don’t really think it was her]
She has resorted to accusing my guru of a felony: [We all know what the Don does but no-one dares to talk about it, okay!]

> We still have Radzik's secret guru/boss in our
> sights and his involvement in covering up several deaths.

Radzik then threw himself at their mercy and one-by-one the men-of-no-honor made pronouncement on jodyrrr:

Why do you need a Guru?
Tony O’Clery

What did you expect?

I'm with Durga. What did you expect? .... you are guilty of malicious intent when you tear down gurus others love and respect. What goes around comes around and around.

Radzik then made his appeal:
The question is: should she be allowed to do this? [I am a man. I have steel balls. I will take control]

No-one on Guru Ratings helped him though.

But Radzik did act though not bravely or loudly. He started shredding evidence.

First he deleted his pejoratively named list of Radzik critics from all his webpages. However we kept a copy for you to witness:

Rasa's War
Joe Moreno
Rasa's War, Part II

Radzik then deleted his threatening post: Ad Hominem Happiness posted March 20, 2006. We will now have to correct our links to that piece .

Radzik then posted a defensive article, classic Radzik hypocrisy, emotively titled “The Tragic Consequences Of Speaking Your Mind” on Mar 28 2006. However he was in such a mood of delete-everything-incriminating that he deleted it within in minutes of posting it! We still await Radzik’s retraction of his libel of human rights victim Gregorian Bivolaru.

Meanwhile, Sarlo is AWOL from his Guru Ratings forum and Radzik has gone deep undercover to find out why by joining antisarloratings while Sarlo is posting "99 Bottles of Beer" on LivingOsho. Hic! But that isn't as bad as the depressingly titled "silent, inactive ... that looks like death" as sarlo9 .

And Radzik is still desperately defending himself on a thread posted against Guruphiliac titled “uh, duh.... this pisses me off”.

All in an average day’s work for guru-hating fanatic Radzik!

Stay tuned for more updates about the guru-hate supremo Jody Radzik who has come to regret his bold boast "Kali has her fist up my ass up to her elbow and she loves every minute of it!"

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Bully Radzik’s Begs Rasa For A Truce

Last week Jody Radizk celebrated the one year anniversary of his libelous hate-inciting guru-bashing blog, Guruphiliac. This week he is counting the cost of his pyrrhic victory as he comes under increasing fire from human rights campaigners and guru supporters everywhere.

Radzik, for the first time ever, is reluctantly offering to throw in the towel and concede defeat to a woman he has been attacking, Rasa Von Werder, founder of The University Of Mother God Church.

Radzik has been the main ring-leader in a vicious disinformation campaign designed to provoke Rasa and make her appear crazy. The majority of Radzik’s cowardly attacks were made with the full support his mentor, Swami Deva Sarlo on the Guru Ratings Forum (GRF) Yahoogroup which Sarlo owns.

Radzik also used his own hate-blog Guruphiliac many times to defame Rasa. Both Radzik and Sarlo moderate their sites thus preventing real dialogue. Maybe this is the reason why so many alternative sites critiquing Radzik and Sarlo have recently been created.

Fortunately for the many victims of bullies Razik and Sarlo they chose the wrong person to stalk. For Rasa is a servant of God, a 20 year celibate and a former bodybuilder. It was revealed to Rasa that she should take responsibility for the many wrongs by which the meek are oppressed: rape, paedophilia, addiction and abortion.

Rasa’s motherly pastoral duties including an internet outreach which includes 26 group lists and her flagship website Woman Thou Art God which marries up matriarchy, yoga and Christianity. Rasa’s daily words of wisdom, dreams and mystical visions are enthusiastically received by a devoted audience searching for solutions and a better way of life.

Rasa has not accepted Radzik’s and Sarlo’s attacks quietly. She is certain that this not the right way for her saying that she “both a contemplative and an active” person.

Rasa has responded by creating her own alternative Sarlo Guru Ratings Yahoogroup: antisarloratings.
She also has designed some beautifully decorated webpages, including a few about about Sarlo and Radzik. And very importantly she has linked to other spiritual support sites which tackle guru-haters.

A new blog was created last week Sarlo’s Guru Rating Service. Though unconnected to Rasa it shares the same spirit of upholding the basic human right to religious association as enshrined in the American Constitution.

Sarlo has reacted by keeping uncharacteristically quiet on his own guru-hate egroup Guru Ratings Forum. In the past few days Sarlo has posted a big ZERO. However, we know that he is still lurking there because he posted over 10 times on a sannyas Yahoogroup LivingOsho which he owns!

However, while Sarlo is apparently 'away' Radzik still continues to post against Rasa on GRF. He has been trying to pacify the denizens of the Guru Ratings Forum who have been angered by the muck which he has brought upon their ungodly heads. Radzik has promised them that he will take down his Rasa-related Guruphiliac blog entries but only if certain conditions are first met by Rasa.

Radzik’s cunning conditions are knowingly unfair. He has not offered to remove the many forum posts against Rasa and he continues to abuse Rasa’s fans. Furthermore, Rasa does not control any blogs about Radzik.

It sure has been funny to see bully Radzik exposed for the cowardly sissy that he really he is. We leave you, our dear reader, with extracts of Radzik’s GRF posts. As ever we copy Radzik and add the real subtext.
Actions speak volumes [and that’s how you can tell that I am a shit]. I stopped posting about Rasa months ago [Untrue and irrelevant but who is going to argue with a bully like me?]. There are only 5 posts dealing with her, and 3 of those were based on material she generated [Again untrue but who can remember that there are at least 8 posts?]. She got mentioned again when she put up her latest attack blog [Yes, I know it’s not her blog but “attack whatever, whenever” is my way].

All she has to do is call off the war [it’s my war so can end it when I want to], take the sites and the list down [which she cannot because she does not own them but that does not stop me harassing her]. I will then take my posts down and this "war" will be done with [I’ve done my war crimes and am now crapping my pants in fear of retribution].

I've made my peace [me make peace what a joke!] overtures, all of which were ignored [as I expected because they were typically insincere].

I'll make them again. The hate sites go down, including the anti-Sarlo discussion group, and the Rasa entries go off my blog [Okay!? Anyone hear me? God?].

Monday, March 27, 2006

n0by Creates JodyR Webpage

Yet another new webpage that delves into the abnormal psychology of Jody Radzik, creator of guru-hate blog Guruphiliac. We also give you details of a Goddess forum post that dissects Guruphiliac.

The latest webpage (that we know of) comes from n0by aka Erhard Thomas aka Swami Anand Sudesh of former follower of the guru Osho Rajneesh. n0by left Rajneesh after falling foul of the main leader Sheela. Osho later blamed her for a many serious crimes which plagued the group.

n0by has been banned from lists controlled by so-called Rajneesh sannyasin Swami Deva Sarlo, Radzik’s mentor. (Note: Radzik a vociferous anti-guru critic does not dare to criticize Osho.)

The n0by site lists two recent but brief exchanges which n0by had with Jody Radzik ( ). n0by, who has a classic ability to draw out a person’s blind-spots and self-deceptions, catches Radzik in a number of lies.

Reading between the lines, and using our own well-informed sources, we can see that Radzik clearly is feeling stressed about being on the receiving end of criticism.

n0by invites Radzik to join his n0by list. Radzik, who is typically cruel towards n0by (on Sarlo’s list) replies like a chastised puppy dog dissimulating that he is too busy with his own blog Guruphiliac and Sarlo’s guru-hating forum, Guru Ratings. Hypocritically, Radzik thanks n0by for the invites.

If we were to decode Radzik as Radzik supposedly decodes others then we would translate thus:

Hey Noby. [Please perceive me as a cool dude though in fact I am quite pissed at the recent attention I am getting especially from YOU]

Thanks for all the invites over the months. [Yes, thanks – NOT. I would like to ignore you but you are a pest] Sorry [oops! Would like to write sorry NOT but am working on my PR at this time] to keep turning them down [you don’t expect me to accept you and your silly group do you?], but with my blog AND gururatings [I am soo—oo busy that I have to scream “AND” at you so that you get the point, dolt!], I'm just too tapped to have any more output [I am exhausted by the negative publicity really].

Those "people" are going to talk whether or not I'm there [and that really pisses me].

Let 'em. [I am putting on a brave face aren’t I?]

--jody. [note that I had the temerity to spell your name in the wrong case but I am humble enough to put my in lowercase]
We happen to know that Radzik is lying. He has been busy elsewhere on the internet including visiting our blog – the shameless narcissist! For lo and behold only today Radzik engaged in a bit is dishonest make-pretend-I-am-nice-Radzik PR.

Radzik has been trawling for his name and managed to snag a critical reference to himself (another one!) on a Goddess forum within about 24 hours of it being posted. Jody are you stalking others?

The forum post “uh, duh.... this pisses me off” an ironic witticism against dumb anti-guru commentators starts with:
I've been hearing a lot about, and reading a few, of these 'guru-rating' websites -- where people who have (little or no?) credentials in spirituality other than they know some HTML or how to blog, and have a resentment or two about some guru or another post their silly ideas and recommendations and sound off their blowhard egoisms about spiritual teachers and masters, saints and avataras alike.

Pithy! With great insight the writer, Alx Uttermann, managed to use magical words guaranteed to raise Radzik’s hackles. She obliquely criticized 'guru-rating' websites – a side-swipe at Sarlo’s Guru Ratings sites. Sarlo, the svegali Radzik (like Silas in “The Da Vinci Code”) is hell-bent to defend.

We won’t go into the rest of the Alx’s angry post right now (you can read it yourself). Only we want you leave with Radzik’s stinking PR lie, something that Radzik might call a steaming pile of horseshit (redaction in brackets):
I've been a Kali devotee for 20 years [actually I am too humble to say that it was from the first day I bit my mother’s nipple as a baby but that should be enough to psych you all out] and am initiated in the Ramakrishna lineage [Note I say “am” not “was”. You won’t challenge me because you don’t know me] , so I'm not knocking Ma [No shit. No way. She has her fist up my ass. At the least the last time I looked. Really!].

This post was brought to you by:

Friday, March 24, 2006

Shooter Jody Radzik Agent Provocateur And Spy

Radzik's past reveals a man more dangerous than you can imagine.

Information is coming in that supports claims that Jody Radzik has been an agent provocateur and spy for many years - even as far back as his time as drugs and rave promoter.

It seems that Razik is not quite the underground rebel that he portrays himself as, but is very much establishment. His drug-taking, cross-dressing and occult affiliations actually make him an asset in the spying game where corrupt tendencies are viewed as an valuable and not necessarily a liability. His drug and rave promoting days were experiments in manipulation and exploitation. It also seems that Radzik cleverly engineered the demise of several "underground projects" including a magazine though the real reason for this is still not clear.

We were also shocked to hear that Radzik has a fascination with guns. There is even a reference on the web that states "shooting" is one of his interests - not exactly the peace-loving image that one would expect from a promoter of “The Love Drug” - ecstasy.

Radzik may have taken to guns to protect his drug interests. However we are now taking seriously Radzik's regular remarks about having close contacts in the security and law enforcement business. Why would a supposed real underground drug-promoter expect their protection unless he was an informant and agent provocateur ?

When he was young, Radzik declared himself a "virus" that would infect society. He called himself "Saint Virus". As we can see from Radzik's violent hate-inciting blog Guruphiliac these ideas are nothing but destructive for both religious and secular groups.

We still have Radzik's secret guru/boss in our sights and his involvement in covering up several deaths.

Stay tuned. Be safe. Be informed.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Radzik Spin Doctors Critic Wave

Jody Radzik, creator of violent guru-hate blog Guruphiliac, is desperately spin-doctoring in vain attempt to explain away an unprecedented wave of public criticism against his corruption activities.

Radzik has tried every trick in the book to make his critics go away including ridicule, legal threats [link deleted by Radzik] and censorship.

Radzik tried to blind his very small cadre of anti-Hindu followers into believing that revelations about his past no longer apply. However, Radzik is still clearly promoting drugs and the ridiculous ideology that drugs are safer than gurus on his guru-hate blog Guruphiliac.

After repeatedly crying like a sissy that he is being stalked (Radzik double-speak for “criticized”) Radzik now pathetically claims that there is a “perfect misunderstanding of our intentions [link deleted by Radzik] (Radzik frequently uses the word “our” to cover up the fact that his blog Guruphiliac is a lonely one-man hate campaign). In this respect Radzik’s plea is rather like Nazi pleading to be understood. It is also noted that Radzik makes no attempt to explain his blog’s supposedly misunderstood intentions. We also note that Radzik’s Guruphiliac contains threats of graphic violence.

Give me a gun with only one bullet, I will kill SBE with the bullet first and and smother equalizer to death with the butt of the gun!

Radzik recently used comment moderation and deletions to censor his critics, but why has Radzik not deleted threats to kill gurus and their followers from his blog Guruphiliac?

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Radzik Worried: Expose Of His Secret Guru

Jody Radik has over-reacted against recent criticisms of his guru-hate blog, Guruphiliac by threatening legal action, censoring blog readers, deleting reader’s comments and attacking a popular Indian saint – all in a desperate attempt to create a smokescreen around his real concern that we might soon reveal the identity of his secret guru.

The trigger for Radzik’s frantic response was our post “Jody Radzik’s Unholy Guru War” in which we announced our intention to expose Radzik’s secret guru. Radzik responded immediately with a misleadingly titled post “Ad Hominem Happiness[Update: Radzik has since taken this page down. No comments were published] on his own Guruphiliac blog.

We say ‘misleadingly titled’ because Radzik was not interested in defending against personal criticisms about drug-promotion or his involvement in a scatological necrophiliac occult cult, Temple of Psychic Youth. Nor did Radzik intend to correct his unconscionable libel of human rights victim Gregorian Bivolaru.

Radzik’s main concern was our declared intention to expose his secret guru.

We feel that this information would be in the public interest as Radzik’s secret guru is the inspiration for Radzik’s obsessive hate-and-libel campaign against all other gurus (who Radzik erroneously perceives as competition).

Radzik’s over-the-top retaliation has been to threaten his critics with “local law enforcement[Update: Radzik has since taken this page down] for intending “to out our [i.e. Guruphiliac Radzik’s] own guru” which he falsely claims “may amount to criminal harassment[Update: Radzik took page down]. Unfortunately for Radzik local law enforcement are unlikely to take seriously the hysterical cries for help of a cross-dressing drug-taking member of a scatological necrophiliac occult cult The Temple of Psychic Youth and its sex-op transvestite leader Genesis P-Orridge. Especially, when the crying is coming from a rabid guru-hating propagandist afraid that his own guru’s identity will be revealed. Radzik’s classic and hypocritical reactions of “shrieking hissy fits” fits “The Jody Radzik Profile”.

Several hours after his threatening post Radzik posted again - this time warning his readers that they would all be placed on “Comments Moderation” - in a vain bid to censor criticism. We always knew that while sadistic bully Radzik, whose favorite site is “Defamer” could not handle counter-criticism. Perhaps his blog’s name should be changed from “Guruphiliac” to “Critophobic”.

Radzik evinces classic displacement behaviour irrationally attacking everyone he hates even when they are uninvolved with his perceived troubles. His “Guruphiliac” blog is a typical example.

Radzik is blaming two brave guru supporters, the valiant Rasa von Werder and the scholarly Gerald Moreno, for his current woes in an attempt to cover up the true extent of wide-scale unpopularity. Radzik continues to deliberately deceive his reader’s by listing “Jody Radzik Occult Drugstore Blog” as “Rasa’s War pt II” in Guruphiliac’s sidebar [Update: Several weeks later Radzik altered the link to say something like "Harridstan". Radzik has now removed all sidebar links to critics].

Rasa and Gerald are not the writers of “Jody Radzik Occult Drugstore” or “Guruphiliac Jody Radzik” and that they have their own sites through which they actively promote their views.

Privately, Radzik is concerned that his past has come back to haunt him. Radzik has made a lot of real life enemies through the nightclub scene - this is why he hides out with his dog in the hills of Sante Fe. Radzik's drugs induced paranoia makes him the only person on the Net who truly sees stalkers lurking on every web-corner and who continually threatens critics with “local law enforcement”.

If Radzik does not mind then we would be happy to contact Sante Fe “law enforcement”, or any other agency, to hand over a dossier on Radzik including his unreported alleged statutory rape of a 14 year old.

Typically, Radzik is now drowning his troubles by diverting attention away from himself and towards his traditional objects of hate – gurus.

Cowardly bully Radzik has repeatedly targeted two of the least controversial mother figures of the modern guru world the hugely popular Mother Meera. Radzik insultingly dubs them “monster mothers”.

Ironically, the “poop” and “dog’s ass” obsessed hallucinating druggie Radzik venomously accuses Amma of drugging her devotees with “mind-corroding astral breast milk”.

Radzik has nothing new to say about Mother Meera but feels he must continue to attack her with the tired old, and wrong, allegation that she is homophobic. This false accusation comes from former devotee, Andrew Harvey, who attacked Meera after he set himself up as a gay guru more than a decade ago. The truth is more mundance and innocent: Mother Meera accepted Harvey and even brought him and his gay lover breakfast in bed.

In many ways Radzik is like the vindictive Harvey. They are both jealous of other gurus and have miserably failed in their guru self-promotion attempts.

Also, Radzik is obsessed with homosexual living, so much so that he felt the need to post an off-topic advert for gay yoga in "Hot Nude Yoga Guru Gets Off " on his blog – not particularly newsworthy as yoga has been practiced naked even before the 60’s.

Radzik has also been busy attempting to portray gurus, like the famous late Hindu saint Ramakrishna as homosexual though he has failed to produce evidence which he claims to have once read.

For Radzik the worst sin in the world is the exposing of his secret guru, something which he never believed would happen, in fact, he based his whole guru-bashing unreality upon it. Radzik is so concerned that he is now preventing all of his readers from posting hundred of guru-hate comments on Guruphiliac simply because we might post a single guru-exposing link there. How is that for an inconvenient over-reaction?

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Jody Radzik’s Unholy Guru War

Jody Radzik is not what he seems and he likes it that way. Radzik has no intention of letting you see who he really is. However, this post will help resolve several enigmas about the deliberately mysterious Jody Radzik.

One person who studied him stated “Jody Radzik is not an easy person to understand. One might easily assume that Jody Radzik is a free-thinker, a skeptic, a rationalist, a disillusioned ex-follower, a grumpy guy or a mixture of all of the above. However, the truth about Jody is rather surprising ...

Indeed, the truth is often very surprising. In this blog Guruphiliac Jody Radzik we have already printed several shocking hard-to-find facts about the elusive drug-promoting occultist Radzik. Radzik has retaliated and is busily deleting his online photos. One informant claims to have a photo of Radzik in drag but has been put under pressure to bury it.

The recent wave of criticism comes as a blow to Radzik's reputation as he hoped to earn a living making money from his guru defamation racket. Ask your self if you would want this drug-abusing occultist to be taking your tax dollars
as a self-styled expert witness who hides his unsavoury past?

Radzik's libels are no laughing matter as they could lead to life imprisonment and even murder. The man Radzik calls “Master ", Rick Ross, is another self-styled cult expert who may have supplied misleading information to the media and government which needlessly lead to the deaths of 74 Branch Davidians (including 23 children) at Waco. A bad day for the government and a bad day for religion. But Radzik does not care. He vilifies one guru, Kalki Bhagavan who he calls Kracki, thus "he is doing more to prevent self-realization than all the heroin in Afghanistan and brothels in Thailand, in my opinion."

Human rights victim Gregorian Bivolaru could have faced life imprisonment in a Romanian jail after Radzik libeled him. Radzik stated with absolutely no evidence that Bivolaru (who he does not even know and whose first name he could not get correct) was "trafficking in little boys". For such a serious allegation Radzik is morally and legally obliged to supply proof. However, Radzik has failed to uphold even the most basic ethical standards.

In our earlier expose Radzik Libels Human Rights Victim Gregorian Bivolaru" we did not get around to mentioning Radzik's further libel in which he falsely stated that Bivolaru used "corporal punishment". Again, we ask Radzik to show his proof or be prepared to hand over hefty compensation fees.

When it comes to lying Radzik figures that he might as well be sued for one hundred lies instead of just one lie. Even a brief look at Radzik's ethics-lacking venom-filled druggie lifestyle and words reveal a psychopath who cannot be trusted. It is unconscionable to think that Radzik would one day be paid for promoting his hate ideology.

When considering Radzik’s sociopath behaviors how can one decide which is the most disturbed? Is it his promotion of killer drugs, corruption of youth, hate-inciting untruths, jail-bait libels, crusade against spiritual authorities or is there is there something as yet unrevealed?

It may come as a shock to the most rabid guru-hating readers of Guruphiliac to learn that anti-guru fanatic Jody Radzik has his own guru!

While Radzik has done his best to cover up this fact he has not been able to hide it completely – the clues are there to be discovered. One day Radzik will announce to the world his love for his secret guru, but first Radzik has to level the field by killing off all competition. In this regard Radzik is similar to Silas, the albino monk assassin in the “Da Vinci Code”, who unquestioningly kills anyone opposed to his master.

A clue to Radzik’s guru devotion is found in the title of his blog Guruphiliac which roughly means “guru lover or friend”. By analyzing the word ""-philia" you can get some clue to Radzik's motives.

Aristotle's idea of "philia" was "things that cause friendship are: doing kindnesses; doing them unasked; and not proclaiming the fact when they are done" (Rhetoric, II. 4, trans. Rhys Roberts).

By using the word "philia" Radzik is signalling that his hate-blog is a gift or a kindness to someone who has not requested it and that Radzik will not expect thanks. That mystery someone is actually Radzik's secret guru whose identity we will reveal if Radzik does not.

The use of the word "-philiac" is also revealing as it denotes a form of sexual obsession or perversion as in "coprophiliac" and "necrophiliac".

A coprophiliac has a marked interest in excrement especially the use of feces or filth for sexual excitement.

A necrophiliac has an obsessive fascination with death and corpses and an erotic attraction to or sexual contact with corpses.

Both coprophilia and necrophilia would be familiar practices for Radzik who was/is a member of occult group, Temple of Psychic Youth, whose members use human waste and dead objects in their magical rituals.

Radzik’s obsession with using the “poo” word was noted in Guruphiliac Jody Radzik: A Profile which dubs Radzik as a guru who promotes the “Gospel of Poo”.

Radzik’s fascination with death is also entirely consistent with his avowed worship of the fiercesome corpse-eating defecating goddess of death and destructionKali.

Indeed, Radzik proudly declares "Kali has her fist up my ass up to her elbow and she loves every minute of it!" in the book Cyberia written his "good friend" Douglas Rushkoff.

Kali is also seen as a goddess of war whose blessing Radzik undoubtedly seeks in his mortal combat with all gurudom.

As we declared earlier “one day Radzik will announce to the world his love for his secret guru, but first Radzik has to level the field by killing off all competition.” However, we plan to pre-empt Radzik’s unholy war by stealing the initiative and exposing his secret guru to the world. Stay tuned to this blog!

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Radzik's Failed Sex & Drugs Guru Bid

Writer Douglas Rushkoff was a boring academic obsessed with one thing: women. Rushkoff's problem was that he could pontificate but he could not copulate.

When occultist Jody Radzik entered the nerdy rich kid’s life he offered him a world that he had never seen before: endless parties populated by naive young girls and the necessary drug inducements to get them into bed.

Radzik was working overtime trying to promote Ecstasy as The Love Drug. Rushkoff, initially, was just another sucker who believed Radzik to be his “good friend”.

The 'good friendship' con worked just fine for Radzik. Eventually, for Radzik, Rushkoff became more than just a cash cow, he became a ticket to fame. Rushkoff gave Radzik a cover-story for exploiting others. Until then Radzik was an aging clubber, pereceived quite rightly as a lecherous old cross-dresser by those younger than himself.

In his cyberpunk book "Cyberia", Rushkoff cast Radzik as a leading techno-shaman raising planetary consciousness by promoting drugs use. Rushkoff out of his head, and meeting abandoned women for the first time, completely bought into Radzik's "drugs as consciousness accelerants" rants. And why wouldn't he - Rushkoff was flying high!

But this was not enough for Radzik. He knew about all the so-called "great gurus" of the drugs-occult-clubbing scene: Timothy Leary, Richard Alpert, Genesis P-Orridge and Anton LeVey. And Jody Radzik wanted to join them - in the drugs and clubbing hall of fame! (Let's not forget mass murderer and drugs guru Charles Manson who took drug-taking to its insane conclusion.) Radzik nearly made it too, he was described by "Rolling Stone magazine as One of the [rave] crowd's resident gurus," (Source: Mark Dery).

Radzik's drug-fuelled insomniac non-stop partying existence was not empty - just meaningless. Rushkoff, his “good friend” became his hagiographer, that special someone dumb enough to believe in him, naïve enough not to ask questions, and just clever enough to fabricate Radzik’s romanticized history.

To become really famous Radzik needed to be unique. He experimented with brain-machines for awhile. He marketed clothing to clubbers (he still does). But this was not good enough.

Radzik and Rushkoff hit on the idea of importing an guru into the nightclub scene. He would be a sort of president for the United States of Awakening. But the guru would have to be naïve enough to control.

They went through several possible candidates and in the end they settled for charismatic Sri Lankan Tilak Fernando. Using Radzik's standard corruption tactics they handled Tilak's loyalty issues by introducing him to young women taken straight off the club dance floor.

Soon a stream of young clubbers where making their way to Tilak's bedroom where he showed them astral lights. Years later, Rushkoff viciously attacked Tilak claiming that the lights were faked. He also claimed that Tilak was having affairs. Ironically, Rushkoff failed to admit that he was exploiting Tilak by carrying on a sexual affair with Tilak's wife, Teri Fernando!

Nor did Rushkoff really explain his role as Tilak's manager. Rushkoff arranged Tilak's public events, made the opening speech and booked the bedroom appointments! Even Rushkoff's mother was brought in to try and get her to bankroll the events with her checkbook. Behind the scene Radzik's controlling hand could be discerned stage-managing everything.

Fifteen years after the failed Tilak Fernando Project, Radzik is still hunting down Fernando. Miraculously, Radzik still has a copy of 13 year old document "The Cult of Tilak" attacking Tilak. The document is almost wholly based upon the testimony of Radzik's "good friend" Rushkoff. Radzik hopes to cripple Fernando if he ever dares start a business without his management.

Radzik's blog Guruphiliac has been created simply to attack and defame gurus who Radzik cannot fairly compete. The title of Radzik's most recent article reveals his own private competitive concerns about Tilak: Will The Cult Of Tilak Rise Again?

Tilak is working for a non-profit org and clearly has never wanted to be seen as a guru. However, these facts are ignored by Radzik who nevertheless insists that Tilak is to be classified under "Gurus Clockin' Dollars".

Remember, how we exposed Radzik’s unconscionable libel of human rights victim Gregorian Bivolaru , without a shred of evidence not even a news clipping? Radzik falsely claimed that Bivolaru had been "trafficking in little boys." So how did Radzik choose to attack Tilak Fernando? Yes, you guessed it, with similar unsupported libels.

Radzik alleged that Fernando had sex with a young woman under the legal age - his niece no less.
It turned out that Tilak was using a small flashlight in his mouth, mostly for the purposes of gaining a harem of female devotees to service his sexual needs. He even went as far as to impregnate his own 14-year old niece!

When Radzik was challenged to prove it - what did he do? Nothing of course, because when it comes to defaming gurus, Radzik is not interested in facts.

You might also ask why has Radzik not reported the statutory rape as he is legally obliged to do? The answer is that either it did not happen or Radzik is hiding his own involvement. Either way Radzik is busted!

Radzik Libels Human Rights Victim Gregorian Bivolaru

Jody Radzik will do anything to try to make a Guru suffer even if that means framing him on false charges.

Radzik’s rationalization is that Gurus do not really suffer, and even if they do, he will happily torture them simply because it gives him a thrill. Radzik, who would like to get paid for his lies (like his "Master Rick Ross") is also just as content to torture for free like happy sadist Vic Vega in Tarantino's Reservoir Dogs.

However, the real reason why Jody Radzik attacks Gurus is plain old competitive jealousy. Radzik is the Lady Macbeth of the guru circuit. Radzik always wanted to be a Guru, but he never had what it takes. He is irritated by the existence of all Gurus simply because they remind him of what he could not be.

Swami G, a spiritual crisis support worker, supported Radzik through his many identity issues for free. Radzik repaid her kindness by viciously turning against like a wild dog. 6 years later, Radzik is still trying to bring her down using his standard weapon - defamation.

A “guru” is one who mercifully takes the suffering seeker from darkness to light. Clearly, the Guru fulfils a necessary role and should be honored and respected - not hounded. However, Radzik attacks Gurus simply because they exist, not because they do wrong. Radzik is morally ambivalent about wrong-doing.

If an innocent Guru is accused of doing wrong, then Radzik will happily print the accusation. However, even if a Guru is not accused of wrongdoing, then Radzik will happily falsify an accusation anyway.

We never hear of Radzik attacking drug dealers even though they kill people. Perversely, Radzik preaches that gurus are more dangerous than drugs.

This week Radzik celebrates the one year anniversary of his blog Guruphiliac. For thousands of guru followers around the world Radzik may as well be celebrating the Killing Fields of Pol Pot or the birthday of Stalin. If Radzik was a decent human-being then he would be making reparations for the wrongs which he has done to fill his blog with never-ending lies.

Take the case of Radzik’s cowardly libel against Romanian human rights victim Gregorian Bivolaru.

Professor Gregorian Bivolaru is the leader of a yoga school, the Movement for Spiritual Integration in the Absolute (MISA), which has over 40,000 peace-loving members in Romania alone. However, Gregorian Bivolaru has been subjected to extreme harassment by the Romanian police including bombing, burglary, false imprisonment and evidence-tampering.

Fortunately, Sweden awarded Bivolaru permanent political asylum and refused an extradition application from Romania. Because of the human rights issues surrounding the case Romania’s application to enter the EU may now be delayed.

Bivolaru’s case attracted supporters from within the human rights community. One would think that Radzik would have been sympathetic, but instead he was outraged.

Radzik was so upset that he went further than the Romanian judiciary who had already been exposed for corruption. Radzik added a charge of his own.

Radzik falsely accused Bivolaru of "trafficking in little boys.” He went further and claimed Bivolaru had been “busted” for it. Of course, naive Guruphiliac readers had absolutely no idea that Radzik was plain lying, and Radzik had no intention of telling his readers the truth.

Radzik is not even familiar with the case. He made a stupid mistake of writing that the leader of MISA was Gabriel Bivolaru, Gregorian Bivolaru’s politician half-brother! (It is worth considering whether Radzik was trying to obtain money or favor from the Romanian government for spreading these falsehoods.)
If Radzik ever starts to care about others then he can admit that he lied about Gregorian Bivolaru and print a retraction. However, honesty and fairness have never been Jody Radzik’s style.

[Source: Jody Radzik Occult Drugstore]

The Making of Guru Jody Radzik

Sitting in the same underground nightclub where he used to party over 12 years ago, Jody Radzik is a very sad and lonely figure.

He is quick to tell you that he was once the leader of a race of super-intelligent kiddies who raised their IQ by taking a street-drug, MDMA. And he can show you a book written in 1994 to prove it.

Sadly, Radzik seems to be in denial, blissfully unaware of medical studies showing MDMA (Ecstasy) to be a drug which causes brain damage and sometimes kills.

"Cyberia" was an over-hyped Gen-X book penned by writer Douglas Rushkoff. It mainly appealed to lost youth who lacked direction but needed plausible excuses for living a drug-fuelled, fantasy-driven twilight existence.

In the book Radzik is portrayed as an angry young drugs activist who leads an ideological campaign against a rival group of anti-social psychedelic occultists, the Temple of Psychic Youth (TOPY). Understandably, Rushkoff deliberately omits boring details, like the fact, that these two supposedly opposed groups were comprised mainly of the same members.

Radzik was actually a cross-dressing member of TOPY, until stormed out in an angry pique of jealousy over the leader, Genesis P-Orridge (and band member of both Throbbing Gristle and Psychic-TV).

Genesis P-Orridge took cross-dressing to its natural, if albeit uncomfortable, limits and had a sex-change operation. Radzik, who always dreamed of being both “king and queen” of Cyberia felt usurped. (Radzik eventually joined - “The King Group”)

Rushkoff must have been aware of all this. Rushkoff was very close to P-Orridge - he wrote a book about him. They even played together: Rushkoff On Keyboards with Genesis Sporting New Mammarian Glands in Psychic TV MK III. Rushkoff blurred certain facts so as not to raise doubts about the sanity and credibility of his informants - and himself!

Certainly, if Rushkoff can be accused of using Radzik for his own purposes, then Radzik also used Rushkoff. It was a mutual if unholy alliance. Rushkoff, who had endured many hours of irrational druggie talks, desperately needed a character who could sound sort of intelligent. Whilst Radzik urgently needed a reason for continuing with his washed-up life. Radzik would happily supply nebulous profanities for Rushkoff teenage readership - if Rushkoff in turn would make him the leader of mythical Cyberia – the kingdom that never was. A deal was of sorts was struck - possible laced with sex and drugs but probably with nothing more than a yawn.

However, despite such a conspiracy of motivated parties, the book was a dramatic flop unless you are the sort of reader who gets easily shocked by words like “ass” – a Radzik favorite.

Rushkoff has Radzik stating "Kali has her fist up my ass up to her elbow and she loves every minute of it!" In case, you are wondering, Radzik was not joking but actually believes it happened. Suffice to say he was on Ecstasy and probably harder stuff at the time. "Kali" is the name of a Hindu goddess and Radzik hallucinated that she had married him.

Tonight’s clubbers seem to steer around Radzik, treating him as a pariah, as they would a dirty old man or an alcoholic. Through the smoke I see a tear in Jody’s eye as through the mist he sees the Throne of Cyberia sitting empty.

[Source: Jody Radzik Occult Drugstore]